Spectrum — Digital Printing

Spectrum 11th Anniversary

Digital painting on t-shirt, custom interiors.

“What makes Spectrum so special are the people around us – the friends, the people from the neighborhood, but most of all the team. If Spectrum is what it is today, it owes it to them. To celebrate this 11th anniversary, Bufer depicted an everyday life scene from Spectrum in an oil painting. Starting from the left, there are Marco, Fabio, Tony and Orla with his yellow fleece. Behind each brushstroke, Bufer’s pictorial style is recognized, and the painting is also the subject of a special celebratory tee.

The Spectrum 11th anniversary T-shirt was made in a limited edition of 100 pieces. On the front is a reproduction of Bufer’s oil painting. On the back, however, there is the celebratory graphics and the phrase “They come around, but they never come close to”.” — Spectrum

Pics Laura Baiardini, Spectrum
Video Spectrum