New Collection

Autumn/Winter 2021

The STANLEY/STELLA autumn/winter 2021 palette is accented with six new shades. College-inspired Glazed Green and Burgundy are re-mixed to create vintage Dusty Mint and Hibiscus Rose; buttery Jojoba adds a gentle seasonal glow; versatile Lavender doubles as a base or highlight; while vibrant Orchid Flower invigorates the senses. Rounding off the new colours is a deep Indigo Hush, the perfect base for even the most creative decoration. Four new techniques inject creativity and impact. Garment Dyed Black Splatter and Tie&Dye Natural Raw/Black bring a unique monochrome vibe. All-over print Check Jojoba is a nod to the preppy aesthetic, while futuristic Hibiscus Rose Space Dyed brings texture and movement.

15 new colours

New style

Prepster - STPU331

New style

Prepster Vintage - STPU335

New style

Prepster Long Sleeve - STPU332

New style

Prepster Space Dye - STPU334

New style

Prepster AOP - STPU336

Creator - STTU755

Changer - STSU823

Cruiser - STSU822

New style

RE-Creator - STTU787

New style

RE-Blaster - STTU792

New style

Roller - STSU868

New style

Freestyler - STTU788

New style

Radder Heavy - STSU866

New style

Slammer Heavy - STSU867

New style

Rib Beanie - STAU772

Cruiser AOP - STSU825

New style

Fisherman Beanie - STAU771

Cruiser Tie and Dye - STSU854

Creator Tie and Dye - STTU757

New style

Tote Bag Tie and Dye - STAU775

Stella Expresser - STTW032

Stella Streeter - STDW143

New style

Stella Kicker - STDW161

New style

Stella Elliser - STPW333

New style

Stella Paiger - STDW162

New style

Stella Paiger AOP - STDW164

New style

Triber Splatter - STTU791

New style

Stella Kicker Tie and Dye - STDW163

Mover AOP - STBM570

New style

Creator Splatter - STTU786

New style

Changer Splatter - STSU865

New style

Mover Splatter - STBU579

New style

Sloaner - STSU871

Bounder - STSU806

New style

Fletcher - STSU870

New style

Triber - STTU790

New style

Cruiser Space Dye - STSU860

Mover - STBM569

Fuser - STTU759

Radder - STSU857

Slammer - STSU856

Mini Creator - STTK909

Mini Changer - STSK913

Mini Cruiser - STSK911

Mini Sprinter - STPK908

New style

Light Tote Bag - STAU773

Creator Pocket - STTU830

Creator Vintage - STTU831

Creator Denim - STTU756

Creator AOP - STTU828

Rocker - STTU758

Imaginer - STTU647

Blaster - STTU815

Ringer - STTU827

Getter - STTU817

Stanley Stroller - STSM567

Joiner Vintage - STSU720

Cruiser Vintage - STSU853

Cruiser Denim - STSU719

Sider - STSU824

Drummer - STSU812

Connector - STSU820

Warmer Sherpa - STSU715

Trainer - STBU578

Mover Vintage - STBU576

Stella Dreamer - STTW013

Stella Jazzer - STTW039

Stella Singer - STTW021

Stella Rounder Slub - STTW112

Stella Waver Slub - STTW114

Stella Dancer - STTW038

Stella Chiller - STTW036

Stella Fringer - STTW054

Stella Evoker - STTW023

Stella Dazzler - STSW125

Stella Trigger - STSW148

Stella Bower - STSW132

Stella Spinner - STDW144

Stella Twister - STDW141

Stella Cuts - STBW130

Stella Traces - STBW129

Stella Inspires Denim - STWW072

Stanley Specter - STTM543

Stanley Feels - STTM501

Stanley Adorer - STTM606

Stanley Skater - STTM605

Stanley Sparker - STTM559

Stanley Presenter - STTM562

Stanley Shifts Dry - STTM558

Stanley Enjoys Modal - STTM518

Stanley Shuffler - STTM560

Stanley Flyer - STSM565

Stanley Cultivator - STSM566

Stanley Trucker - STSM611

Stanley Trailer - STSM612

Stanley Steps - STBM519

Tote Bag AOP - STAU767

Gym Bag AOP - STAU769

Shopping Bag AOP - STAU768

Tote Bag - STAU760

Shopping Bag - STAU762

Gym Bag - STAU763

Pencil Case - STAU764

Mini Hopper - STTK907

Mini Scouter - STSK916

Mini Runner - STSK912

Mini Shake - STBK910

Catcher Short Sleeve - STTU825

Catcher Long Sleeve - STTU826

Firer Tie and Dye - STSU852

Strider - STSU850

Rise - STSU811

Trek - STJU819

Fuser Dip Dye - STTU785

Radder Dip Dye - STSU859

Slammer Dip Dye - STSU858

Mover Dip Dye - STBU577

Stella Lover - STTW017

Stella Collider Vintage - STTW068

Stella Lover Modal - STTW030

Stella Editor - STSW149

Stella Tripster - STSW146

Stella Tripster Denim - STSW147

Stella Kicks - STDW139

Stella Twister Dip Dye - STDW160

Stella Devoter - STPW034

Stella Tracer Denim - STBW312

Stella Winds - STJW080

Stella Walks - STJW081

Stanley Dedicator - STPM563

Stanley Dedicator Denim - STPM564

Stanley Dedicator Long Sleeve - STPM508

Stanley Shortens - STBM520

Stanley Stepper Denim - STBM313

Stanley Hikes - STJM581

Stanley Breaks - STJM580

Stanley Innovates Denim - STWM572

Stanley Stroller Denim - STSM568

Mini Catcher Short Sleeve - STTK914

Lookbook - STCCCAT

Colour Card - STCCCOL