New Collection

Spring/Summer 2023

The new STANLEY/STELLA SS23 collection is inspired by the outdoor swimming initiatives promoted by citizens across Europe: ultra-soft and light fabrics are enriched by new garment dyeing techniques and colourways, all to be discovered.

The new colors of the STANLEY/STELLA SS23 collection contain intense, lively and clear shades like a summer day; among them the Deck Chair Red and the Go Green. Among the novelties also a pastel color, Fraiche Peche, and vintage shades that reflect the relaxing atmosphere of the season.

With every new collection, the main goal of STANLEY/STELLA remains the same: to offer on-trend, well-made, and great-fitting styles that can be personalised with ease. The decoration-centric approach means that every single product is developed with the end result in mind, from the choice of materials and thoughtful design, to the superior finishing and attention to detail.

8 new colours

New style

Archer - STSU011

New style

Matcher - STSU799

Connector - STSU820

Cooper Dry - STSU797

New style

Waker - STBU070

Creator - STTU755

Changer - STSU823

Cruiser - STSU822

Creator Vintage - STTU831

New style

Matcher Vintage - STSU085

New style

Archer Vintage - STSU040

Mover Vintage - STBU576

Stella Dancer - STTW038

Stella Rounder Slub - STTW112

New style

Baby Body - STUB103

New style

Baby Bib - STAU029

New style

Baby Connector - STSB105

Baby Creator - STTB918

Baby Changer - STSB920

Baby Cruiser - STSB919

Mini Creator - STTK909

New style

Mini Bolter - STBK102

Mini Cruiser - STSK911

Prepster - STPU331

Prepster Vintage - STPU335

Prepster Long Sleeve - STPU332

Ledger Dry - STSU798

Miller Dry - STSU795

Boarder Dry - STBU944

Locker Heavy - STSU953

RE-Cruiser - STSU800

Hygger Sherpa - STSU956

Snugger - STSU884

Outsider - STJU883

Outsider AOP - STJU949

River - STJU845

River Check - STJU950

Puffer - STJU840

Puffer AOP - STJU945

Speeder Tweed - STJU888

Padded Parker - STJU841

Padded Parker AOP - STJU946

Padded Parker Tweed - STJU947

Stella Climber Wool-Like - STJW899

Stanley Voyager Wool-Like - STJM889

Stella Voyager Wool-Like - STJW897

Stanley Climber Wool-Like - STJM898

Fuser Dip Dye - STTU785

Slammer Dip Dye - STSU858

Mover Dip Dye - STBU577

Mini Creator Dip Dye - STTK940

Mini Cruiser Dip Dye - STSK942

Mini Shake Dip Dye - STBK943

Freestyler - STTU788

Shifts Dry - STTM558

Sider - STSU824

Fuser - STTU759

Radder - STSU857

Slammer - STSU856

Fisherman Beanie - STAU771

Rib Beanie - STAU772

Mover - STBM569

Commuter - STJU846

Speeder - STJU834

Coacher - STJU833

Bomber - STJU844

Coacher AOP - STJU879

Tracker - STJU849

Cycler - STBU847

Tracker Trousers - STBU876

Stanley Climber - STJM836

Stella Climber - STJW838

Stanley Voyager - STJM837

Stella Voyager - STJW839

Speeder AOP - STJU878

Lightweight Bucket Hat AOP - STAU895

Lightweight Duffle Bag - STAU770

Lightweight Hip Bag - STAU890

Lightweight Duffle Bag AOP - STAU896

Lightweight Hip Bag AOP - STAU894

Bucket Hat - STAU893

Hip Bag - STAU891

Duffle Bag - STAU892

Mini Sprinter - STPK908

Stella Elliser - STPW333

Stella Paiger - STDW162

Stella Cropster - STSW873

Stella Wilder - STSW872

Stella Minter - STTW084

Stella Collider - STTW089

Stella Cropster Wave Terry - STSW874

Decker Wave Terry - STBU588

Decker - STBU587

Mini Changer - STSK913

Mini Shake - STBK910

Mini Scouter - STSK916

Mini Hopper - STTK907

Mini Runner - STSK912

Stella Expresser - STTW032

Stella Spinner - STDW144

Stella Chiller - STTW036

Cultivator - STSM566

Trainer - STBU578

Stroller - STSM567

Roller - STSU868

Sparker - STTM559

RE-Creator - STTU787

Radder Heavy - STSU866

Slammer Heavy - STSU867

Triber - STTU790

Baby Shaker - STBB921

Bounder - STSU806

Rocker - STTU758

Drummer - STSU812

Imaginer - STTU647

Blaster - STTU815

Cruiser Vintage - STSU853

Stella Dreamer - STTW013

Stella Jazzer - STTW039

Stella Singer - STTW021

Stella Fringer - STTW054

Stella Evoker - STTW023

Stella Dazzler - STSW125

Stella Trigger - STSW148

Stella Bower - STSW132

Stella Twister - STDW141

Stella Kicker - STDW161

Stella Streeter - STDW143

Stella Traces - STBW129

Stanley Specter - STTM543

Stanley Presenter - STTM562

Stanley Shuffler - STTM560

Stanley Flyer - STSM565

Stanley Trucker - STSM611

Stanley Trailer - STSM612

Stanley Steps - STBM519

Light Tote Bag - STAU773

Tote Bag - STAU760

Shopping Bag - STAU762

Gym Bag - STAU763

Pencil Case - STAU764

RE-Tote Bag - STAU774

Hangers - STCCHAN