New Collection

Spring/Summer 2020

This season we turn up the heat and let the sunshine in. Joyous and light-hearted, the SS20 collection features new, airy proportions, slub t-shirts and festival inspired colours and dyeing techniques. Sleeveless tees, cropped tops, wide fits and lighter fabrics give afresh, summery feel as do new colours celebrating vintage garment dyes and bright fluos. From blush pinks, smoky greys and misty yellows to fluorescent greens and oranges, this season effortlessly mixes chill vibes with festival fever.

39 new colours

Colour Guide Sustainability
New style

Joiner Vintage - STSU720

New style

Creator Vintage - STTU831

New style

Creator Tie and Dye - STTU757

New style

Stella Dancer - STTW038

New style

Stella Chiller - STTW036

New style

Stella Dazzler - STSW125

New style

Stella Rounder Slub - STTW112

New style

Stella Waver Slub - STTW114

New style

Stella Spinner - STDW144

New style

Stanley Adorer Slub - STTM635

New style

Stanley Adorer - STTM606

New style

Creator Pocket - STTU830

New style

Stanley Specter - STTM543

New style

Stanley Skater - STTM605

New style

Rocker - STTU758

New style

Stella Jazzer - STTW039

New style

Drummer - STSU812

Cruiser - STSU822

Changer - STSU823

Creator - STTU755

Stella Expresser - STTW032

Stanley Stroller - STSM567

Stella Tripster - STSW146

Mini Scouter - STSK916

Mini Creator - STTK909

Stella Dreamer - STTW013

Stella Lover - STTW017

Stella Lover Modal - STTW030

Stanley Runs - STTM551

Creator Denim - STTU756

Creator AOP - STTU828

Leads - STTM528

Stella Evoker - STTW023

Stella Fringes - STTW010

Stella Flies - STTW041

Stella Lazes - STTW062

Stella Invents Slub - STTW145

Stanley Sparker - STTM559

Stanley Presenter - STTM562

Stanley Feels - STTM501

Stanley Imagines Vintage - STTM530

Stanley Enjoys Modal - STTM518

Ringer - STTU827

Catcher Short Sleeve - STTU825

Catcher Long Sleeve - STTU826

Stella Singer - STTW021

Stella Flatters Slub - STTW025

Stanley Shuffler - STTM560

Stanley Shuffler Denim - STTM561

Stanley Shifts Dry - STTM558

Stella Devoter - STPW034

Stanley Dedicator - STPM563

Stanley Dedicator Denim - STPM564

Rise - STSU811

Stella Fancies - STSW128

Stella Amazes Tencel - STSW150

Stella Tripster Denim - STSW147

Stanley Stroller Denim - STSM568

New style

Stella Trigger - STSW148

New style

Stanley Flyer - STSM565

Cruiser Denim - STSU719

Cruiser AOP - STSU825

Sider - STSU824

Stella Bower - STSW132

Maker - STSU821

Explore - STST801

Stella Tracker - STSW126

Stella Boxer - STSW133

Stella Editor - STSW149

Stanley Cultivator - STSM566

Connector - STSU820

Warmer Sherpa - STSU715

Stanley Trucker - STSM611

Bounder - STSU806

Stanley Trailer - STSM612

Stella Kicks - STDW139

Stella Streeter - STDW143

Stella Cuts - STBW130

Stella Traces - STBW129

Stella Tracer Denim - STBW312

Stella Bopper - STBW314

Stanley Shortens - STBM520

Stanley Steps - STBM519

Stanley Stepper Denim - STBM313

Stanley Mover - STBM569

Stanley Mover AOP - STBM570

Stella Inspires Denim - STWW072

Stanley Innovates Denim - STWM572

Stella Winds - STJW080

Stanley Breaks - STJM580

Trek - STJU819

Stella Walks - STJW081

Stanley Hikes - STJM581

Pencil Case - STAU764

Gym Bag - STAU763

Tote Bag - STAU760

Tote Bag AOP - STAU767

Shopping Bag - STAU762

Shopping Bag AOP - STAU768

Hooder - STAU766

Mini Catcher Short Sleeve - STTK914

Mini Hopper - STTK907

Mini Sprinter - STPK908

Mini Changer - STSK913

Mini Cruiser - STSK911

Mini Runner - STSK912

Mini Shake - STBK910

Stanley Trims - STTM527

Colour Card - STCCCOL

Lookbook - STCCCAT

Hangers - STCCHAN